"While most students at Columbia University will spend the first day of classes carrying backpacks and books, Emma Sulkowicz will start her semester on Tuesday with a far heavier burden. The senior plans on carrying an extra-long, twin-size mattress across the quad and through each New York City building – to every class, every day – until the man she says raped her moves off campus.

‘I was raped in my own bed,’ Sulkowicz told me the other day, as she was gearing up to head back to school in this, the year American colleges are finally, supposedly, ready to do something about sexual assault. ‘I could have taken my pillow, but I want people to see how it weighs down a person to be ignored by the school administration and harassed by police.’"

Jessica Valenti: Beyond ‘no means no’: the future of campus rape prevention is ‘yes means yes’ (via guardian)

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*realizes joy division did some real quick fs photoelectron spectroscopy for their dumb album cover*

1) Joy Division’s 1979 Unknown Pleasures album cover actually features a data visualization from the first known pulsar, PSR B1919+21, discovered by Jocelyn Bell Burnell in 1967, and discovered by the band’s drummer in the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy.

2) It is not dumb.

"People seem to think embracing life means to jump off cliffs and kiss strangers. Maybe it’s just slowly learning to love yourself."

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"I am figuring out which parts of my personality are mine 
and which ones I created to please you."

The Dust On This Poem Could Choke You/ Lora Mathis lora-mathis (via possibilityofliving)

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